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considering midwifery

So, you think that you would like to be a midwife?

It’s wonderful that you’re considering coming into midwifery. As a whole, the profession is incredibly rewarding. Midwives are able to be part of such a special period in a woman’s life, whether they care for her during her pregnancy, birth, or afterwards. Once you read a little bit more about the profession, it’s easy to understand why midwifery is such a popular course to study at University. However, it’s also incredibly competitive to be offered a place to study midwifery; with most courses easily having excess of 1000 applicants for approximately 50 places (and for some universities, much less).

Whether you are ready to apply to study at University and have always known that you wanted to be a midwife, or whether you are thinking about a career change; making the decision to study midwifery is huge, and you may be overwhelmed by questions and concerns. On this page, you can read a little bit more about midwifery and how to become a midwife, and hopefully find the answers to the questions you keep asking yourself.